Make Your Wishes Known by Voting in This Poll


3 thoughts on “Make Your Wishes Known by Voting in This Poll

  1. I think its sh***y because he is the only real doctor in lincoln. He has treated myself as well as my son alex for many years. He takes his time with his patients and actually cares about us. I will never ever come back to the family medical center as long as he is gone. So the administration can go to he** as far as im concerned hope they all read this.

  2. Dr. Kotteman is the best Dr. anyone could ever ask for. He has treated me for as long as I can remember. I trust him and the decisions he makes regarding my health issues. He is very intelligent, patient, kind, and he doesn’t give up, he works until he figures out the problem when alot of doctors give up. I would be very disappointed if Dr.K is not re-instated and it would be a great loss to myself personally and the community!

  3. I have never doctored with Steve Kottemann. I only know of his care through others. I work with the public. I can tell you from what I have heard from others over the years is that he is a great physician. One who truly cares. This, I can attest to from experience. A few years back, my brother-in-law was in serious to critical condition many times. Dr. Steve, even though he was not one of the attending physicians, came to the hospital to sit with the family and was on hand to answer questions we may have and to be “the go between” with the attending physicians and family. He did this on his own time and with his own heart. I am not sure of what the whole truth is to this circumstance, regardless, I do not believe he is being treated fairly.

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