More Patient Testimonials

As most of you know from the Facebook page, I have been having some health issues and have not posted the testimonials from the last couple of days. The following comments have been gathered from Facebook comments as well as comments posted on this website. The comments are copied and pasted, with no editing. Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories.

  • We have been patients of Dr. Kottemann’s since he came to Lincoln and we have no intentions of seeking out new M.D.’s…. Notice to Memorial Medical System, if Dr. Kottemann does not return to the Lincoln office, then we will not be returning nor support any facility or affiliations of Memorial Health Care System. Its that simple folks.If you want business men taking care of patients then you should be prepared for allot more mal-practice suits because that’s what it’s going to come down to in the end. 15 minutes to thoroughly question and examine a patient is unreasonable and unrealistic! How dare you say we can only have 15 minutes of any M.D.’s time for the current rate of 131.00 per visit! I will share my most recent visit to FMC in Lincoln just last week. First off we arrive on time, get called back to the exam room only to be told ” You are not in the system yet it will be a few minutes.” The M.D. comes in later after he has had time to read up on our health history. he does a thorough exam and question session. We left 2 hours after our scheduled appointment. Point being, there was no difference in seeing Dr. Kottemann and the doctor who was unfamiliar with us. This doc did not use the computer, his assistant did! So we are thinking that if the computer system crashes then what???Can FMC not see patients because the system is down??? Anyone who uses computers knows they go down often.
    Dr. Kottemann is the most professional, caring,moral,patient Doctor we have ever come across and we are proud to say he IS our Doctor!! We will follow him wherever he chooses to practice and will be happy to do so! We Love you Doc!!!! ~comment anonymous~
  • Dr. Kottemann has been my family physician for over 30 years. He has treated several of my family members. During that time he has always taken the necessary time with me, or my family members to go over our health care questions. I was always a person with him, not a number. He would personally call for follow up on issues of a more serious nature. I am so grateful that he has been there for me and my family through the years.~comment by Jean Garner~
  • You can’t say enough about the disappointment that is felt having this fine upstanding doctor put on medical leave. A sicking feeling swells up within me every time I think about it. My mother started me with Dr. K. when he first started in Lincoln, I was very young maybe 6 years old. He has been there through everything. I can not even think about how hard or if impossible it would be to replace him. I ECHO OTHERS, I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER DOCTOR! I want Dr. Kotteman!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~comment by Diane Martin~
  • My heart is truly saddened by the way Dr. Kottemann is being treated. He has been my WHOLE family’s Dr. for many years. Dr. Kottemann had never meant me prior to taking me on as a patient. I was seen for a medical problem that was misdiagnosed by a Nurse Practitioner, who is no longer with FMC. I was working in food service at the time and was losing weight rapidly . She (the Nurse Practitioner) diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I returned to worked with no relief and still losing weight. Dr. Kottemann had accepted me as a patient a few days later. At that time I received a phone call from him personally asking me to come in for an appointment. He said he had seen the results of my lab work and told me that I had Gerardia (giardiasis). It is an infection that occurs when you accidentally ingest the parasites. This can occur by swallowing contaminated water, by eating contaminated food, or through person-to-person contact. This infection needed to be treated and I was unable to return to work until I had been treated, as I could have infected others. Dr. Kottemann has found my mothers Cancer, my sisters Lupus and this was all done through spending time with each and every one of us, sending us for the proper testing and referring us on to the proper Specialists. Each time Dr.Kottemann walks in the office the first thing he does is apologizes for our wait. I look at him with a smile each time and tell him that an apology is never necessary. I would rather wait an extra 15 minutes or half hour for his quality care, thoroughness and compassion. You CAN NOT put a time limit on someones health. In conclusion if this means I have to lose the best Family Doctor I have known , my wish for Dr. Kottemann is to STAY TRUE TO HIS BELIEFS FOR THEY ARE WHAT HAS MADE HIM THE INCREDIBLE PERSON AND DOCTOR HE IS TODAY! Praying for his return………… Sincerely, Beth Grigg and Family
  • Beth, you are so right…His belief’s are what made him the most incedible person and doctor he is.Only one of a kind he is I believe. Praying for his return as well..~comment by Therese Whitham~

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