Patient Testimonials in Support of Dr. Kottemann Continue to Pour In

This is another post compiled from testimonies posted on the Facebook page as well as from comments left on this website.

  •  Michele Rohlfs Dr. Kotteman delivered myself & my brother. He’s been my kids’ doctor for almost their entire lives. Since when does technology trump patient care? I could care less if he keeps my medical records on stone tablets as long as he continues to provide the same level of care that he’s always provided me & my family.
  • Wanda Whitson Aue .Dr Kottemann simply cannot be replaced. Also I should note that since I have been out of state and have had to see other DR’s I nearly died twice. I really did knock on death’s door twice. Both times was being treated by newer younger doctors who spent more time on the computer than with me when I was sitting in the room right in front of them. Doctors like DR Kottemann cannot be replaced. Do not let him go. I was pregnant with my second child and scared to death because I had nearly lost my first. Dr Kottemann was a new doctor in town. He was wonderful. He continued being my doctor, and after having delivered my second, also delivered my third. He became the doctor for my family, my parents, then my sister and her kids, He has continued being our family doctor as new babies and grandbabies came into the picture. I can safely say that he has gone over and beyond what he had to do and our entire family never wants to see him go anywhere! He is my exhusbands doctor even as we speak, and I think is also currently seeing my sister and possibly one or two of the kids
  •  Melanie Williams Urbanowicz Dr. Kottemann has been my doctor for 30+ years and I can’t imagine finding another doctor who could ever replace him. He is the epitome of what a doctor should be. Caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, hard working, and above all else I trust him completely! Trust is a huge issue for me, 10 other doctors could tell me the same thing but I would not feel comfortable until Dr. Kottemann confirmed for me that he thought it was best for me. Memorial has made a big deal out of telling patients they want you to feel comfrotable asking any questions you might have for your doctor and how important it is to tell them everything. How can they mean this if they have a problem with the amount of time Dr. Kottemann spends with his patients. When I leave his office I know what I need to know about the reason he’s seeing me. He’s not just shooting the breeze, he’s too busy being a DOCTOR for that!

  • Nancy Kleinman He delivered my daughter 25 years ago and is still my doctor. I really like him. If it is true that he’s being let go because of the computer issue – that’s a crock!
  • Maggie Aue If it werent for Dr. Kotterman, my daughter Karlie may have serious kidney issues…but because of him recognizing that more was going on than just a uti she was able to get the corrective surgery she needed to keep her healthy..And whenever myself or one of my children needed him he was always there.
  • Natalie Aue Dr. Kotterman delivered and when I was born and has ALWAYS been my Dr. I couldn’t imagine not going to him!
  • Elizabeth Sutton Cassidy Dr. Kotteman is a wonderful doctor. He has been my doctor since I was 5 or 6. He is also my sister, my Mom and Dad’s and my nieces doctor as well. He has always taken good care of ALL of us and NEVER once treated us badly. Technology is NOT better than personal care, he is the best doctor at that medical center and I back him up 100 %!!
  • Lori Frazier Dr. Kottemann IS and Always will be the Best and most Caring Doctor! He is always committed to and concerned about every one of his patients! – He has been our family Dr. for many many years & like Priscilla said “He’s not only your Doctor but your friend”! What is wrong with Memorial Hospital?
  • Nancy Bierman Howard I know that he’s currently on leave. My mom was in the hospital this last weekend, and some there told us what’s being said here, too long with patients and having trouble and not wanting to use the computer. My mom has had serious medical issues over the last couple of years. He’s her doctor and mine. He has sat with us at least three times going through her file and answers any questions we have. A few times he spent an hour with us. He has been invaluable to us with her care. He never rushed us, I called his office several times with questions, and he always calls back, I think from home. He’s what every doctor should be. I’m sending my letter tomorrow!
  • Crystal Sutton Dr. Kottemann has been my doctor since i was 10!! He made several good calls while i was always sick with my asthma! He has never failed me! My daughter is blessed to have such an awesome doctor to take care of her, he is very well mannered and has always put his patients first! not like some drive thru clinic doctors i been to in the past!!!
  • Doug Naugle Dr. Kotteman is a great family Doctor.

  • Vicki King Dr Kottemann is a great Dr he sure has saved my life. And he’s a very good person u c him out in public he knows who u r and so what he spends time with his patients I like that and so what he doesn’t do computers.
  • Jennifer Hamilton I did my externship at FMC and worked with Dr. Kottemann and he is my family doctor. I don’t want any other doctor at FMC, I want him. If they let him go for caring too much for his patients then I’m gonna have to leave FMC for good cause Memorial don’t care for their patients, they just care about money! I support Dr. Kottemann in every thing that he does for us!!!! I think we should hold up a rally at Memorial and show them how much their patients love him!!!!!
  • Braxton Liechty Dr. Kotterman has been my doctor ever since my original doctor passed away. He has never done one thing wrong to me or my family. He is a very good doctor!!!!!
  • Heidi Browne Dr Kottemann is a very special man. I had the honor of working for him in his office for over 7 years and he is my families Dr. I know first hand his dedication to his patients. I have seen him diagnose patients who have seen countless other Drs. I have seen him save lives and touch families. When you are with Dr K it’s like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. He truly knows how to listen which makes him the Dr he is. It’s hard to find words to describe my respect for him. He has been let down, undermined, and setup for failure. Dr K is a truly great Dr in anyway that truly counts. He appreciates your support and I encourage you to continue to share your thoughts, feelings, and to voice your opinions. Dr Kottemann is not ready to retire. he recently took his annual boards and scored at the top in our nation. Thank you all for taking the time to express your support for a man I truly admire the most.
  • Patty DetmersI realy cherish all the respect, humility, and honest caring that dr. Kottemann has shown me as my doctor!! I love dr. Kottemann and the pride and caring he gives to his patients is immeasureable!! How can “memorial health systems” put a price on that amazing of a man? Yet alone one of the finest doctors they have in their employment? I have never minded waiting because he actually takes time with his patients!! How can you put a price on that? You cant! Bless you dr kottemann!!
  • Judy Dano dr kotteman is the best no other dr can top him hes done alot for me and my whole family dont know what we would do without him
  • Brianna L. Dennis I use to drive 2.5 hrs just to see Dr. Kotteman! He is the only doc I knw that will actually sit down in the room and actually talk to u about what’s goin on in his head! Actually have a conversation with u while tryin to figure things out! He doesn’t just walk in the room get the equipment look u over n say ok this is the issue!
  • Cindy Fleshman Dr. Kotteman has been my doctor for 24 years and he does take time to listen to his patients. I have spent many hours waiting my turn and will continue to because I trust him with myself and my family.
  • Shelly Birk Conley Ive been going to Dr Kotteman since he came to Lincoln….He delivered all my kids. Even the last one after he had decided to stop delivering. I trust him with everything i dont want a new Doctor!
  • Carol Meredith he has been my doctor for at least 25 yrs i dont want anyone else to be my doctor he cares about his patients and take time to listen to them alot of drs dont please bring him back
  •  Marilyn Lumpp Wheat Dr. Kotteman has never been our Doctor, but, he worked at LDC when I was there for 33 years, he was wonderful with the kids there and was NEVER afraid to touch them, like other Doctors we had!!!! He was so kind when he was there, I wish him the best!!!
  • Brenda Kurtz He has been our dr. for at least 20 yrs. No other dr. will treat his patients like he does. he has called me at home after hrs. just to see how I’m doing or to give me a test result. How many people do that in their jobs? I vote to keep dr. kottemann.

3 thoughts on “Patient Testimonials in Support of Dr. Kottemann Continue to Pour In

  1. Heidi,
    I am so glad you chimed in, your voice echos loud and clear. It says a lot for all of us to say something good about Dr. Kottemann and speaks even greater volume to hear a former employee step up to the plate for him. WHERE ARE THE REST OF FMC EMPLOYEES?

    • Heidi,
      i to am so glad you spoke up. he has touched my family and has saved my kids lives more than once. To me he is like family to us. He was always there for me and my kids and so was you. He is the best dr. ever. This has affected our family to. the kids loved him and was comfortable seeing him. Dr. K if you read this we miss you dearly and nobody could take care and understand my kids better than you do.

  2. Dr Kotteman has been our family doctor since he came to Lincoln. My grandparents, parents,aunts, uncles, cousins and myself all have him as our doctor becauise he is caring, knowledgeable and is always hard working. If we needed him on weekends or holiday he always said to call him at home. I am very sad to think that Memorial Medical group think more about money then the patients. We don’t even have the choice of who we have as a doctor

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