Dr. Kottemann’s Situation is Getting More Media Attention

Our voices are being heard! I am happy to say that an article has been posted by Warner Todd Huston on his website The Prairie State Report explaining what has happened to our wonderful doctor.(Click on the link above to read his excellent article)

Please share his article on Facebook, Twitter,  and via email to help spread the word. There may be other excellent physicians all over the USA who are or will be experiencing similar difficulties with the mandated new electronic records.

Surely there is a better solution to handling this necessary record keeping. As many of you have noted in your comments on this site and on Facebook, there are people who are trained to enter medical data. Why not hire someone to do this for the doctors who have not grown up at a computer keyboard? And/or if there are programs that will reliably transfer medical dictation to electronic data, that could be an appropriate solution to assisting our experienced physicians who have not developed computer skills. Our experienced doctors have been too busy taking care of their patients to sit and play on their home computers! Should they be punished for that usage of their time and abilities?

There are too many fine physicians in danger of being shown the exit door. Since when do we reward a life-time of study, experience, and dedication to medicine in this way? I believe electronic records can be helpful but it seems that the medical powers-that-be are in panic mode because of the deadline imposed on the implementation of this legislation.

I think that we should continue to positively support Dr. Kottemann and keep doing what we are doing. His record speaks for itself, but we, his patients can also speak up. And we have been doing just that ever since we learned of this turn of events here in Lincoln, Illinois. I hope and pray that this situation will somehow be used for good in the lives of all concerned on both sides of the issue.

Thank you to Mr. Warner Todd Huston for shining more light on this subject. And thanks to all of you who have been brave enough to speak up on behalf of Dr. Kottemann.

P.S. I will be posting more testimonials as time and health permits but I wanted to give this article in the Prairie State Report the attention for today.




One thought on “Dr. Kottemann’s Situation is Getting More Media Attention

  1. I am not a patient of his but a physician in Iowa and just read this in the Tribune. This story sickens me to the core. This is what will happen across the country as we are forced to use these ultra expensive med records in our offices. They are not efficient in our practices and of no benefit. Somehow, Obama has ‘convinced’ all of us it will save everyone money to use these. They will not. I am glad patients are making noise. Let the physicians run their offices as we see fit and not let administrators and insurance companies dictate health care.

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