Patient Testimonials (continued)

The outpouring of support and concern for our Dr. Kottemann is absolutely overwhelming! It causes me to wonder if he ever, during his 30+ yrs of serving in Lincoln, had an inkling of how much he is loved in this community and in the surrounding area. If he didn’t realize it before, he sure realizes it now! Honestly, I am having trouble copying & pasting fast enough!! 🙂 Thank you to all who have had the courage to post your stories here and I don’t doubt that there are many more who have stories to tell. Keep ’em coming. These stories are history being recorded right now. Our children and grandchildren may someday learn about how we all came together in 2011 to defend a good doctor whose only ‘mistake’ was in giving ‘too much’ time and excellent care to his patients.

Continuing posts from the past 3 weeks:

  • Clare Cameron Schmidt  Steve Kottemann has been my family doctor for 30 plus years. I have never been to a more caring doctor. He has treated me with such care over the years and my children that i can’t imagine having any other doctor. He listens to everything you have to say. Who cares if he doesn’t like computers? I think it is appalling that a great doctor and friend and supporter of the community has been treated so shabbily. After all the years of exemplary performance and being a good citizen of this community, MMC would treat him like that. I think it is about the all mighty dollar here and that is a real shame. If he chooses to not retire and open an office elsewhere…..I’m there. Just let me know where to transfer the records. I can’t imagine having any other Doctor. If he has to go then I will probably go to another town for a doctor. I can’t imagine going back there and seeing another Dr. knowing how they treated him. It is really sad. Whatever happened in having pride in the fact that they had an excellent Doctor that treated all his patients with respect, compassion and the utmost care? I went to many doctors (7) before I came to Lincoln and he figured out what my problem with my health was. I had given up on anyone figuring out what was wrong. I was told 7 different things….none of which was correct. He has cared for my children through many illnesses over the years. I have complete trust in him and am very sad that this has happened to him. Like I said, if he chooses to practice somewhere else than i will go where he goes.
  • Pamela Laubenstein He has always been a great Doctor. Jaden had a pretty rough time when he was only a couple of months old until he was about 2 or so. Kotteman was amazing throughout all of this. He gave his home and cell number to me so I could call anytime! He personally met us at the ER on several occasions. Love the way he takes the time to listen to his patience concerns!!!!!
  • Joyce Fulk I certainly hope this is not true! He has been my doctor for over 35 years and I can’t imagine going to anyone else. He is the kindest, most thorough doctor I’ve ever known. He was very careful about diagnosing and discussing your prognosis and treatment plan. And he took the appropriate time with his patients and didn’t make us feel like cattle being led to slaughter. I never minded waiting when I had an appointment cause I was confident he would also spend the necessary time with me. We love Dr. Kottemann!
  • Shannon Whiteman Moore Dr. Kotteman has been my doctor since before I was born and I refuse to have any other doctor!!!!
  • Denise Schaub I really like Dr. Kottemann. He is a very caring doctor who puts his patients first. I hadn’t heard the news until just a few minutes ago when I stumbled across this page. It sounds like he is being treated unfairly. I will pass the news along about this page, and maybe together, as a communtiy, we can do something.
  • Bonnie Brown Montgomery Because he cares more about his patients then the new hi tech toys in the office that they are now required to spend their time on. He would rather look you in the eye while speaking to you instead typing on the computer during your conversation.
  • Barbara Boyd Seggelke Dr. Kotteman has been our family doctor for many many years. I’m shocked to learn this news, he is a caring man and a wonderful doctor.
  • Tami Kennett I have always liked and respected Steve Kottemann – unfortunately this is typical of the Memorial Healthcare system and Ed Curtis.
  • Mary Peters Harmsen Dr. Kotteman has been my doctor for 27 years. He is awesome! I value his opinion and think very highly of him! I will follow him if he goes elsewhere. Hopefully, he will get to stay where he belongs!
  • Dee Loughmiller He has been my parents Dr. for many years. He is the one who found my dad’s heart problem and he would not have been with us for the amount of time we did have him. Unfortunately he is gone, but not because Dr. Kotteman didn’t care. He has been nothing but wonderful to my mom as well. I hope they realize what they are doing to such a great Dr. Human touch goes a long way.
  • Michelle Barkley Carroll Dr. Kottemann has been our family doctor for 20 years. He diagnosed what was wrong with our second daughter after the pediatrician in Springfield kept telling me there was nothing wrong with her!! I trust him, respect him, and am grateful for the amount of time he spends with his patients! I’d rather wait and get a correct diagnosis from a Dr. who listens & cares than be rushed in and out & incorrectly diagnosed in the name of “technology”
  • Trenton Crawford I’m only 15 years old, but I’m very opinionated and quite frankly utterly disgusted by all of this. Dr. K has always treated my family right since he’s been here for the past 3 generations of my family. Ever since I was a little kid I would always ask question and he would always have answers and just thought it was hilarious that I was always so curious. HE is the reason why I’ve decided to pursue practicing medicine and want to become an oncologist. He has inspired so many of us in the town of Lincoln, and he is by far the best doctor we have, so what the Memorial Health System is doing is morally wrong, and the people of Lincoln should march down to every corned of the Memorial Health System and protest against this bureaucracy!!!! I will gladly collect petitions if people would be willing to meet somewhere and send them enclosed with a very long letter describing how devastating this is to the people in the great town of Lincoln.
  • Elaine Aue Dr Kottemann has been my doctor for as long as I can remember. He delivered both of my children, sent my daughter to St. Johns neonatal after she was born to discover an underdeveloped esophagus valve that could’ve caused her to choke to death. He discovered a skin cancer spot on my back that we were able to remove before it required chemo or radiation. He treated both my husband and my father for heart attacks…my father’s requiring 6 bypasses. He has always taken the time to listen to any and all of his patients and never made you feel like you were wasting his time. He never prescribes any medication without thoroughly checking out the symptoms. I have the utmost respect for him and I think it’s time for our healthcare system to ask what’s more important…speed of service or quality? Dr. Kottemann is a leader in his field when it comes to quality!
  • Terry Brooks Dr Kottemann, has been our family physician for over 30yrs. SO disappointed in the actions and attitudes (of the powers that be) at MMC that are being shown to such a dedicated doctor and compassionate human being! Thank You, Dr. K for “taking the time”! And to the board of MHS…’ve truly disgraced yourself!
  • Lisa Feese Ramlow Dr. Kottemann delivered both my children and has cared for our family for many years. I have been the “emergency” so I don’t mind when I occasionally have to wait for him, even when I have an appointment. I thank him, sincerely, for his compassion.
  • Lesleigh Simpson Bennett Prayers for you and thoughts about you are happening at the Bennett’s. God Bless You Dr. Kottemann.
  • Lesley Rhodes Mccoy Thank you Dr. Kottemann for providing thorough healthcare, both to me and to others I care about. You will remain in my prayers.
  • Eleanor Troyer Sharp Without a doubt an excellent doctor. Worked at ALMH as an RN for almost 37 years. Knew Dr. Kottemann throughout most of my career. I am now retired. Wish him only the best of luck!!
  • Tristan Lemme-Brosamer This is Tristan’s mom speaking. Dr Kottemann has been our family doctor for three generations of my family. He has been there with us through births, strep throat, ear infections, sadness, happiness, surgeries, and finally death. There is no one I would rather have had with us. He is gentle and compassionate, intelligent and kind. A truly fine man that we consider a friend. I would wait two hours for him if I had to because I know once he comes into that examining room his attention is all mine. I hate what has been done to him! Where are you going, Steve? Because we’re coming too. -Christie
  • Clara Detmers Dr. Kotteman is a very compassionate Dr. Always has been and if he needs a half hr or more to talk to you about your health and concerns he takes it. That is what a Dr. is all about if he is worth his salt. Shame on Memorial health system for treating him like they did. I didn’t know that you had to take computer courses in med school to become a true and honest and caring doctor such as Dr. Kotteman. He has been my dr. Since Dr. Tomlinson left Lincoln and Hopefully he will stay my Dr. WAKE UP Mr. Ed Curtis and apolige and get him back there quickly!! I and many others need him. My thoughts and prayers goes out to Dr. Kotteman and his family. You have nothing to be ashamed of so hold your heads up high and be proud as you have made all of us proud of you. Hugs
  • Jennifer Matthews Dr Kotteman is the only Doctor my family truly trusts here. We love the fact that NO ONE messed with his kid patients unless he knew it. He took longer than other Doctors because he cared and we were never a number to him! I truly do NOT want any other Lincoln Doctor but him!
  • Heather Raymond Dr. Kottemann is the greatest doctor I have ever known. He takes the time and truly listens to his patients. He listens even when other doctors won’t. I took my oldest to Lincoln ER when he was 2 and half years old because he had a febrile seizure. The doctor at the ER informed us that Johnathan couldn’t have had a seizure and that my family didn’t know what we were talking about. We took him to see Dr. Kottemann the next day and he admitted him to the hospital. Half an hour after being admitted he had another seizure that was witnessed by the nursing staff. He is good about referring his patients to see good specialists to determine if there is something wrong even if he thinks there is only a small chance. My kids are not afraid to see him even though they are afraid of the hospital sometimes. They all know that Dr. Kottemann always makes them feel better. He is about always doing what is best for his patients!
  • Kaye Wilmert Dr. Kottemann is an excellent diagnostician and physician – if only the world had more like him – not less. He has been my entire family’s (parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins) doctor for 3 decades and he has been a wonderful physician. Doctors like him are few and far between. We need him.
  • Judy Ramlow Kukuck It is so sad to think that a caring and compassionate Doctor is being pushed out because of computer technology. Being computer savy is not one of the considerations I look at when picking a Doctor. Dr Steve has been our Dr for over 30 years. He is wonderful. Surely there is some way to “overcome” this technology issue. This is a real slap in the face to Dr Steve and his patients!
  • Dana Tanner Berkshire Dr. Kottemann has been a wonderful doctor for my mom since she moved to Lincoln 6 1/2 years ago. I don’t care about his computer technology. I like the way he cares for her and sees to her every need. He is a wonderful, caring, compassionate, and an extremely knowledgeable doctor. Isn’t that what we all look for? I never ask if medical people have computer skills!
  • Ruth Jansen Freesmeier Thoughts and prayers to the Kottemann family. This is just the beginning of a bad healthcare system… shame on you that forced this early retirement and lied to the people of Lincoln!
  • Bonnie Riccolo Frawley Dr. Kottemann has been our family Dr. for 30+ yrs. Needless to say, we have the utmost faith & respect for him. So very, very sad that the almighty dollar is a priority for Memorial Health Systems instead of peoples’ health. The sun rises & sets on this man whom has been so dedicated to the profession he chose. He is honest, caring, compassionate, conservative, thoughtful and one-of-kind. Our hearts are heavy & know the system sucks~ as it can be manipulated by the administration who is pushing the pencil & crunching numbers – The hell with the patients & the dedicated professional.
  • Kathi LaForge SHAME ON MEMORIAL HEALTH SYSTEM. Dr. Kottemann has been my Dr. for 30+ years. He has taken care of all of my family members. He went to my Great Grandmothers house when she was 90+ years old and couldn’t come into his office. He has sat at my Fathers bedside until he passed from cancer, and now taking care of my 89 year old mother in the nursing home. I have worked at FMC with Dr. Kottemann and I know what kind of a Dr. and a man he is. I left FMC before things really got bad for the employees there. He may not know how to work the computer, but that wasn’t a requirement for me or my family when we needed him. No one can match his excellent care and compassion for others. My heart goes out to him and his family. I wish this wasn’t about Memorial and the all might dollar, but friends it is. If Dr. Kottemann is not at FMC–you can bet I won’t be there either!
  • Courtney Raymond Dr. Kottemann is the only doctor I have seen, with my ongoing health problems, that has never made me feel small. We have discussed my smoking, weight, and diabetes. Because of my family history with heart disease and diabetes, he has always been concerned, but not once has he scolded me like a child, like most doctors do, he has treated me like a person and because of that, I have tried to take better care of my self. I have lost nearly 40 pounds in a year, yes I still struggle with the smoking, but he talks to me, not down to me. That is why I see him as a trusted doctor, but also a part of my family. He will be missed by family very much. I hope he will start his own practice I would be proud to be his first patient.
  • Shannon Jones Dr Kottemann has been my doctor since he came to Lincoln. He delivered one of my children. I worked as a nurse with him and occasionally for him at FMC from 1988-2010. He has always been the most caring and compassionate of men, the kind of doctor who would not give up on any patient no matter what. To work at FMC now you have to embrace MMC policies and for those with a conscience that is a very hard thing to do. My thoughts and prayers are with you Dr. Kottemann and Bonnie.
There are still many more stories to post so I will continue to publish them as I am able. What a testament to Dr. Kottemann’s service. He has definitely earned the respect and love that we all have for him.

One thought on “Patient Testimonials (continued)

  1. We have had Dr. Kottemann ever since I became pregnant with our first child. She just turned 30 so we’ve had him not only as our doctor but a very dear friend for all these years. There will never be another doctor in our lives. Doctors like him are very few and very far between. When my mom had to go to Mason City Nursing Home due to age he offered to go to see her even though that was not somewhere he normally went. When I brought her into the medical group he proceeded to remind me that it was his job to go see her. I told him while she was still dong good it was no problem for me to bring her to see him. Again always thinking of someone else! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND the people who have made these horrible choices!! If they don’t bring Dr. Kottemann back we will leave Lincoln and Memorial. Yes we will be able to get another doctor but there will NEVER BE ANOTHER DOCTOR like our friend!!! I don’t know what we have to do to make these people understand how much all of us need him back!!! They definitely don’t care about the people they are suppose to be serving!!!!

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