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Patient Testimonials Posted on Saturday, October 15, 2011

The following are testimonials from patients of Dr. Steven Kottemann. The Facebook page Support Dr. Kottemann has been receiving many new members and testimonials daily. This WordPress site has been created to compile and make a permanent record of those testimonies:


  • Today is my son’s 27th birthday, when he was born he experienced breathing problems, if not for Dr. Kottemann, he wouldn’t be alive to to celebrate this milestone…. I want to say THANK YOU Dr. Kotteman! ~comment from Lori Charron-Bleess
  • My mother and I were talking about this the other day she has been very sick and we were talking about how great her specialist was but when it came time for her family doctor to see her he was all about having his face into a computer he barely even took the time to talk to her or look at her! 15 minutes are you for real how do you even begin to discuss a persons medical condition, examine them a…nd then diagnose them in 15 minutes! I just cant believe all this. Im sorry that Dr. Kotterman is a good doctor that cares about his patients enough to give them a thorough evaluation and a proper diagnoses. Dr. Kotterman isn’t even my family doctor I wasnt privalged enough to get him due to having a full patient load!
  • I would of loved to have him but I am very happy to have my doctor I have she is great! I just wish Memorial would rethink all this because honestly their knew rule is going to kill alot of people because they will be wrongfully diagnosed and will become much sicker due to their ignorance and negligance ~comment from Kelly Barnes~
  • This is in support of Dr. Steve Kotteman and to also show my disgust in the Memorial Medical system of how they perceive human life. Dr. Steve Kotteman has been, and if I have anything to do with it, will continue to be my family physician. For over 30 years, Dr. Kotteman has not only been a comfort in a time of need for us, but his professionalism combined with his compassion for his patients has always given me the confidence knowing when I needed someone with those qualities to treat my family I could always count on him to deliver. Dr. Kotteman always went that extra mile, always took that extra step, took that extra minute with us to make sure all the bases were covered before that diagnosis made. This is what people of compassion look for in a care taker. It is my understanding that Memorial is lacking in the fore mentioned paragraph but rather is only interested in the numbers that the Doctors under Memorial “Rule” can put out in a day. Kind of like factory work when you get paid by production. Memorial wants us to believe that there is caring and compassion involved with their day to day operations, but when you get a look at the behind the scenes as in the case of Dr. Kotteman you begin to see the real Memorial Medical System. Money, Money, Money, it appears is on their mind. And not caring and compassion, in combination with treatment. Shame on You ~comment anonymous~
  • Dr Kottemann is a very understanding and caring Doctor! My son was very sick for about the first 2yrs of his life. If it wasn’t for the compassion that Dr. Kotteman has I don’t know what I would have done! He gave me his home and his cell phone number so that if needed I could contact him after business hours. On many occasions I unfortunately had to. He personally met me and my son at the ER. My son was admitted to St. Johns twice within a year. Not only did Dr. Kotteman keep in contact with the Dr. there, but he also called me several times to see how myself and my son were doing! I am very grateful for that. We could use more Doctors like him! I don’t understand how you could put a time limit on the care a patient gets from his/her Dr. when the time spent could be a matter of life or death! ~comment from Pamela Laubenstein~

Patient Testimonials Posted on the WordPress Site ‘In Support of Dr Steven Kottemann’ on Friday, October 14, 2011

All patient testimonials from the previous day will be compiled into digest form and posted as one article the following day in order to minimize the number of emails being sent to those who have signed up for email notifications. The comments are simply copied and pasted exactly as written, no editing. If you want your name posted, please include it in your comment. Otherwise comments will be considered anonymous.

  • “I have been a patient of Dr. Kotteman for more than 25 years. He has always been caring and compassionate and when I left his office I always knew the reasons for any treatment he prescribed. I usually took a book because I knew he would be running late – but I never minded, because I knew when it was my turn, I would have his full attention. I am outraged over the way he has been treated. I am also disgusted with being “handed over” to some other doctor the medical center chose with no input on my part. We need Dr. Kotteman back, computer skills or not. I hope the medical center learns what a wave of disgust it has unleashed throughout this community and beyond! ~comment posted by Nancy Saul~
  • “Dr. Kottemann has been my family physician for over 30 years. He has seen me through pregnancy, adoption, pancreatitis, a ruptured disk, the death of my beloved sister and parents, the stresses of raising children and grandchildren, menopause, a variety of accidents, numerous sinus infections and the many varied maladies of getting older. Throughout all this he has been supportive and understanding. He has listened patiently (even when I was trying to convince him I had any disease I had read about in Good Housekeeping), answered all my questions (even when he was sure I did not have Lyme’s disease) and, most important to me, allowed me to be a part of my health care. I do not want any other doctor. I am proud to be a part of his fan club. Dr. Stevie rocks!!”  ~comment posted by Laura Sandrolini~
  • “Dr. Kottemann saved my life. In 1989 I was having some strange symptoms which he, in his wisdom, decided needed to be checked out by a specialist. He referred me to a neuro-surgeon who, after many tests, discovered that I had a brain aneurysm. Because it was discovered before it ruptured, I was able to have surgery to repair it, and suffered no brain damage. His referral also brought about the discovery that I have Multiple Sclerosis. For 20 years I had experienced symptoms of MS, but not until I found Dr. Kottemann had any physician been able to diagnose my problems. Thanks to finding out the problem, I have been able to go onto therapy which has slowed down the progression of the disease, even though there is no cure for MS. Dr. K delivered 2 of my 4 children, took care of all of them as they grew up, and helped me get through many difficult times in my life. Did I ever have to wait to see him? You bet. Did I mind? Never, because when my time came to need a little extra help, he was always willing to listen and to consider my problems too. He always made me feel like I was his only patient. Isn’t that what we all want? Someone to listen and try to figure out how to help? He always did that no matter what else was going on. Dr. Kottemann has kept me and my family well for 26 years. Since he has been on “leave” I have had to go to the hospital several times and still am not out of the woods. My medical history is so extensive that any doctor who tries to treat me would need time off just to study my condition. If Dr. Kottemann had seen me during this last month, it would probably have taken him less than 30 minutes to determine what I needed.  The intelligence, intuition, and experience of Dr. Kottemann cannot be bought because it takes a life-time to acquire. And the compassion he has is a gift from God…..not taught in a textbook. I, personally, honestly NEED Dr. Kottemann’s care. He is the one doctor who knows me better than anyone else. I consider him a treasure to Lincoln and to all his patients. The outpouring of love for him speaks volumes to his life’s dedication to all of us. May God richly bless him however this issue turns out. ~comment posted by Darla June Yow Franklin~

Patient Testimonials Posted on the WordPress Site ‘In Support of Dr Steven Kottemann’ on Thursday, October 13, 2011

All patient testimonials from the previous day will be compiled into digest form and posted as one article the following day in order to minimize the number of emails being sent to those who have signed up for email notifications. The comments are simply copied and pasted exactly as written, no editing. If you want your name posted, please include it in your comment. Otherwise comments will be considered anonymous.

    • “Several years ago when Dr Kottemann was on a real Medical leave, I selfishly wondered what would we do without him and his great compassion for his patients and his vast knowledge. Sure we would find another doctor, perhaps get the same great care, however, this was not the case. Dr Kottemann did return to his practice and life went on for us. Since that time, we have spent more time then we could have imagined in his office. He has referred us to several specialists when the illness was out of his realm of comfort. As often the case with specialists, we turned to Dr Kottemann to get our results and the real meaning behind them. Never once did he tell us to call the specialist, he just dug through all the information and gave it to us in terms we could understand. I would cope with losing him as a doctor if it was a legit reason such as his health but I hate seeing him treated in this manner. Dr Kottemann would never treat anyone with such disrespect as MMC in treating him. And I don’t believe MMC when they say they are only saving us – saving us from what? A dictatorship??”
  • “Dr.Kotteman is one the best! Just bring our DR. Kotteman Back This man has been our Dr. for 35 year. And has seen us through many things.”
  • “I don’t need a 15 min Dr, or a computer whiz… I need a doctor that cares about me and my family. I have that in Dr. Kottemann. When our daughter died in an accident many years ago, he came to our home and to the visitation and funeral. How many other dr would do that. I trust him completely. Charles and Gayla Smith family(patients of Dr Kottemann)”
  • My family and I have been patients of Dr. Kottemann’s for over 15 years. He has been there for us with the chronic diseases of my two sons. We don’t mind waiting to see him if he goes over time with other patients, because we know that when it is our turn in the office he will address all of our concerns and answer all of our questions, just like he does for everyone else. Couldn’t care less about whether or not he can use their computer system either. People you can count on in life are worth fighting for. This isn’t over for his patients. Suzanne Tockey and family

Testimonial from Jennifer Kracaw

This comment was posted on our Facebook page by Jennifer Kracaw:

I lived in Lincoln for 6 years prior to relocating to another state. I was set up with Dr. Kottemann thru Darla June Yow. I am in the medical profession and work with several high end physicians, many of them specialists. However, I have yet to meet a more confident, caring, intelligent and competent physician as Dr. Steve Kottemann. In the healthcare profession we aim to please and protect our patients and it is apparent that this is not on the top of administration’s list as evidenced by this decision. They have put his patients at risk by ‘giving’ them to other physicians that know nothing of their history. This is extremely risky behavior that will undoubtedly affect the lives of some patients.