Patient Testimonials (continued)

We continue to receive testimonials both on Facebook and on this blog. The membership of the Facebook page has gone over 600 now. This number represents many more patients than 600 since most of our entire families, some for several generations, also are his patients. The sentiments expressed are from the heart.

The following testimonials are from posts made on Facebook beginning on October 9th:

  • Sam Ballance This is in support of Dr. Steve Kotteman and to also show my disgust in the Memorial Medical system of how they perceive human life. Dr. Steve Kotteman has been, and if I have anything to do with it, will continue to be my family physician. For over 30 years, Dr. Kotteman has not only been a comfort in a time of need for us, but his professionalism combined with his compassion for his patients has always given me the confidence knowing when I needed someone with those qualities to treat my family I could always count on him to deliver. Dr. Kotteman always went that extra mile, always took that extra step, took that extra minute with us to make sure all the bases were covered before that diagnosis made. This is what people of compassion look for in a care taker.
  • Randy Sue Lehner Payne Dr. Kottemann has been our family doctor for many many years. After moving away from Lincoln we would still make the drive home to Lincoln for medical visits. It didn’t matter in net work or out of net work with insurance, we wanted OUR doctor. He is the BEST of the best. and we don’t want another doctor.
  • Susan Cowen March-Ellison Talk about making a grown women CRY! Dr.Steven Kotteman My Dr. My Friend…Memorial Health Systems SHAME ON YOU! God don’t like UGLY! Prayers for him Love n respect Always ♥
  • Matthew Ballance Keep you head up Dr. Kotteman! You are a great Dr. and i just hope that if you keep practicing that i will be able to still consider you my Dr. This is completely pothetic and do not understand why an Idiotic Medical system would punish and or try to change the ways of such a great Dr. that is trusted and loved by so many! I hope that Memorial is Happy and I really hope that a lot of these comments find there way to there board of directors so maybe they will reconsider their actions and if not the board really needs to reconsider their mission!!
  • Cindy Probst Smith Dr. Kotteman, we just learned about this. We had called for an appointment and they said you were on medical leave. When we heard the truth, we were upset. You have been an amazing doctor for my our whole family for 11 years. You are so patient and really take your time with your patients. Thank YOU!!!
  • Jean Van Fossan Boyer I have doctored with Dr. K. for at least 29 years. My husband and both children also have doctored with him. I total trusted him and his brilliant advice on all of his diagnoses. After the way the people at MMC and Family Medical Center have lied to all of us, I could NEVER trust anyone there except Dr. K. Dr. K. is not only my doctor, but I consider him my friend. I don’t like it when people treat my friend the way they have treated him. Even Dr. Kasa stabbed Dr. Kottemann in the back..he is no better than Ed Curtis or Susan Shull. Hopefully Dr. K will come back, but really could understand if he didn’t just because of the way they have treated him.
There are many more from October 12th and more being posted every day so I will continue to post as I am able.