Who to Contact

To contact Memorial Health System:

The Following Document Contains the Names and addresses of Some of the Board Members of Memorial Healthcare. They are provided for your use in writing letters if you so choose:

Note: (Please be non-offensive in your correspondence.)

Thanks go to Fern Donnan for providing these addresses. There may be more added so check back to this page “Who to Contact” for updates.
Lincoln Courier:

  • Contact person: Dan Tackett, Lincoln Courier Managing Editor
  • Email Address: dan.tackett@lincolncourier.com

Lincoln Daily News:


One thought on “Who to Contact

  1. To Whom it May Concern:

    I have been a patient at Family Medical Center for 34 years. I have been Dr. Kottemann’s patient for more than 12 years.
    Dr. Kottemann has also taken care of my two daughters. I have had two serious issues over the last few years and Dr. Kottemann was able to refer me to a specialist in one case for life saving help.
    In the second case, just recently, Dr. Kottemann was open to some new ideas about my treatment that brought my life back to normal. My situation requires frequent blood tests. This summer, it took me three weeks to get an order for a follow up blood test. I finally had to come to the office in person.
    I was first told that Dr. Kottemann was on vacation. Then I was told that he was on medical leave. When I called Tuesday, October 11, 2011, I was told he was on administrative leave.
    I am extremely frustrated with the situation. I do not want someone who spends the whole time typing and looking at a computer screen to treat me. That is exactly what happened a few weeks ago when I had an appointment with someone else.
    If, as the medical center is telling me, customer service is their goal, someone who buries their head in a computer does not make me feel confident that my problem will be treated correctly. I don’t care if the nurse calls me on the intercom, I just want someone who talks to me and listens to my concerns once I am in the room. That is what Dr. Kottemann did and I MISS him.
    I understand that modern medicine is going to be computerized. However, I hope that doctors will still maintain written information and employees who can talk to the patient. Otherwise what happens if it is all lost, hacked, or destroyed?

    I have complained to both the medical center and Springfield. I did have one person call me back from Lincoln, but no call or reply from Springfield. Of course no one could give me any information.
    Since I do not have a doctor and I do not know why, I feel apprehensive. What if I have another serious medical issue? I would like to know from someone who is an attorney if this is legal to have a different doctor treat you every day depending on who is on call. That bascally means that every day one doctor at FMC has double their patients to be responsible for. How can that be legal? If I need to find a new doctor because Dr. Kottemann does not come back, I will not stay at Family Medical.

    Please bring Dr. Kottemann back from leave so that he can take care of his patients. He is an experienced doctor who knows his patients and does give them personal treatment. Sincerely, Sharon E. Austin

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