Why This Page?

As most readers know, Dr. Kottemann has been on leave from the Family Medical Center for some time now. His patients were told by FMC staff that he was on medical leave. It was just recently revealed that this is not true. He is actually on administrative leave. So far the only reason that has been given is that he is behind on paper work.

Family Medical Center has just added a new doctor to their medical staff, Dr. Rivera. Patients have reported on Facebook that FMC staff have tried to arrange for them to see the new doctor. It appears that FMC is attempting to push Dr. Kottemann out the door.

Dr. Kottemann’s patients are, understandably, very displeased with the situation. The Facebook page created in support of Dr. Kottemann has over 400 members already, with more being added daily. The testimonies of the excellent care that he has provided to the people in this community for over 30 years has been overwhelming.

This site was created in order to preserve the testimonials in hopes that Dr. Kottemann and his family may see them and be encouraged by this outpouring of support, love, and appreciation for the thoughtful and compassionate care he has given.

Since many of his patients are not on Facebook, perhaps those who have email access will be able to see and participate in supporting Dr. K. as he is affectionately referred to by many. The WordPress site will also provide the capability for people to print out the articles for themselves or others.



2 thoughts on “Why This Page?

  1. I encourage everyone to pass this support tool to friends & patients of Dr. Kottemann. IMy family would support whatever it takes to make Memorial rethink their hideous decision. If healthcare is a priority to Memorial as they often say, then they have dropped the ball.


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